Tervetuloa is Finnish for “welcome”

I’m a bi-peninsular Michiganian, born, raised and schooled in Detroit and at home in the Upper Peninsula at the Lake Michigan home we call Blue Skies.

My grandparents left Finland and Sweden for Michigan’s U.P., and my heritage shows in the sign at Blue Skies: Tervetuloa is Finnish for “welcome.”

I haven’t mastered the Finnish language but I am proud of my Sisu, which roughly translates to determination and perseverance—qualities that serve me well as a freelancer.

At the Detroit Institute of Arts

Here you can read about my background, see where my writing has appeared, check out a sampling of my photography, link to my blogs, learn how I can help you with your communication needs, and contact me with questions and assignments.

Thanks for visiting.

Michigan: Car phone, Suttons Bay


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Sorry, Bobbi. Just trying to spread the word to all my peeps. You didn’t get the one to my high school reunion group, did you?

  2. Impressive site, Kath. Easy on the eyes, easy to navigate and wonderful, tasty bits of content at each click. Congratulations. mlu

  3. Hey Kathy I don’t know if you remember Denise DeBussey. But Sisu back at ya, I married a guy that was born in Finland Yuva. So that is where I get the last name Katajamaki. Both of my inlaws help build the finnish center in Farmington. My mother in law worked in the gift shop and my father in law often work the bar at party and when he retired he called Bingo. My son was very lucky to go back and visit all of his relative with his Grand Parents. My husbands entire family except for mom, dad and brother (Esa) live in Finland.

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